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Heaven's Best Method:
Heaven's Best method of cleaning and sealing will greatly enhance the appearance of the floor and also aid in maintaining it. The water will still have a little bit of the grout to use near the top to keep the slip resistance of the flooring up. Depending on the amount of traffic your floors will last for a year or two without needing major maintenance.

One problem with tile installation is that the grout needs to cure for 72 hours before a sealant can be applied to it. What often happens is the contractor will install the tile but will not apply any type of sealant to the grout. This is usually because of one or two of the follow reasons.

  • Reason #1:  They would have to make another trip to the job sight, 3 days or longer from the installation date.

  • Reason #2:  They would have additional man hours and costs associated with the cleaning and sealing the newly installed tile and grout.

This problem is seen in about 90% of new tile installations. Without properly sealing the tile and grout, dirt and debris will build up in the pores of the grout and especially in the grout itself. Mops cannot properly get dirt out of the pores of the grout.

In Time:
If not properly sealed the pores of the grout will become very dirty and actually inhibit the growth of bacteria. Simple mopping will not take care of this problem. Also, the tile can start to lose it's slip resistance.

Theory Behind Sealing:
Grout is very porous. It gives water a place to go in the pores so the tile is not slippery. By letting the water in, it also lets dirt and debris in. By sealing off a good portion of the pores,

the water still has a place to go while the dirt and debris are kept at the top of the tile. This enables the mop to do its job when maintenance is done on the tile. Past customers have told me that after sealing their floor properly, their maintenance time is actually cut down because this makes for easier mopping . The sealer we use penetrates the pores. The sealing takes place in the pores instead of top coating (like a vinyl floor would receive).

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